Discover Opportunities

New product development at Inceptive begins with the discovery phase. Our team takes time to consider all stakeholders, understand the various interactions, and generate concepts…

Develop Solutions

The majority of Inceptive’s work is encompassed in the development phase. Pulling from our learnings in the discovery phase, we design and develop leading concepts alongside our customers.

Deliver Innovation

We recognize there are plenty of firms with similar design capabilities, especially when it comes nto the discovery and development phases. What separates us is our ability to incorporate our Design for Manufacturability and Design for Moldability processes up front. Our operational model ensures innovative quality products with cost and energy savings for our customers.


Your link from discovery to delivery.

The result is improved time to market.

No matter where you are in the process, it is critical to understand design implications. Westfall Technik proactively and continually connects these dots throughout the design and development process.

How will a consumer interact with your design?  Does your design fit into your brand’s values? How will a part be manufactured, and how can we optimize the design?  Will your design run efficiently through your automation?

New product design and development is iterative. Therefore, the process needs to be as efficient as possible.

Westfall Technik is your link from discovery to delivery.


Focused on the Little Things, Making a Big Impact


Surgeries and procedures are becoming less invasive, driving the development of smaller devices. This miniaturization is having a big impact on true consumer health.

Quality Control

We strive to meet or exceed your expectations on a daily basis through strict adherence to plans and procedures, continuous improvement, teamwork and company pride.

Sustainability-Driven Design

Through innovative thinking we reduce the amount of plastic required to make the product a success, ensuring quality and performance are not sacrificed along the way.

End to End in Mind

We start with the end use in mind and work with the most advanced materials to optimize success. Our goal is simple: deliver unparalleled quality as seamlessly and cost-effectively as possible.


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