The only custom injection molder capable of delivering fully integrated manufacturing solutions in the healthcare vertical market.


Consumer Package Goods

Custom and stock solutions, delivering high volume and high automation that penetrates markets.


Tooling & Technology

High precision injection molds and automation.


Our ONE Westfall integrated operational model is disrupting the market offering an end-to-end solution set with a single point of accountability.

We are driven by an ALL IN philosophy of doing business by being nimble, scalable and comprehensive; no matter how complex the customers challenge. Ultimately, we deliver an exceptional customer experience delivering exceptional customer value.

Global Reach.
Industry Leader.

Leading with Technology

When it comes to technology, Westfall Technik has basically “skipped” a generation —- taking technology and expertise to a new level; bypassing the standard “old-fashioned” technology that has been around for the last 45 Years. WTI is the new industry leader in Micro. Specifically, micro-injection molding.

Integrated Model Delivers Customer Lifetime Value

Our differentiation is in the Stacked Integration model which is fueled by people, expertise, knowledge and experience —- all within ONE WESTFALL.  Our connectivity and global reach deliver an optimal customer experience.

Quality Insurance. Inside and Out.

Our Stacked Integration Model means less handoffs during the cycle time. That means less mistakes and increased quality control. The result is 100% defect-free parts with quality assurance unmatched in the industry.
– State-of-art metrology labs
– Staffing 16+ hours daily
– Equipment & Tools for leading inspection services
– Quick turnarounds
– High Volume to Medium/Small lots

What Matters Most.

Ongoing Corporate Oversight + Operational Synergy = Customer Lifetime Value

By condensing the flow process, it allows customers to scale more financially, increase speed to market, and decrease scrap rate.  Ultimately, it creates opportunity for customers to benefit at the bottom line and meet or even exceed performance metrics.
-Faster to Market
-Cost and Energy Savings
-Bottom Line Increases
-Increased Lifecycle Value

Innovative Plastics Solutions

Sustaining and Saving Lives



We work from inception to incorporate our comprehensive standardized Design for Manufacturability and Design for Moldability processes across our global footprint.



Our expertise in mold manufacturing and processing provides us a unique perspective for automation cell engineering and development.



By executing to perfection, on time and without compromise, Westfall provides our customers with customized system solutions with low cost of ownership.



Tooling and molding options available to you. whether you’re seeking low-volume prototyping, high-volume production, bridge tooling or pre-production.


Molding/Micro Molding

Experienced team of mold engineers dedicated to creating and modifying molds in various types of steel to meet specific tooling needs of our customer.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an integral part of Westfall Technik’s core competencies and plays a critical function in providing our customers with quality product.



DynaClass Tooling and Molding System helps our engineering team select the appropriate production tooling level of your specific injection-molded project.



From nitrogen-purged foil pouches to Tyvek-Sealed rigid thermoformed trays to vapor-proof bags, Westfall Technik can meet your requirements.


Global Footprint

Our dedicated and expert engineering team works diligently to design your product, while considering long-term production and manufacturing concerns.


Qualified Associates


Automated Machines


Manufacturing Space


Global Locations

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